The People of Bacolod


This sugar-loving people are no sugar-coated people, most of the Bacolodnons or Bacoleños are Malay-descent and there is a minority of Chinese and European-descent families who have dominated the local sugar industry. In contrast to the past the generation of Bacolodnons in this present day is composed of those who are highly-educated and independent and somehow liberal on the side and a conservative on the other. Bacolod is now a diverse community with the Malay, Chinese, Indian, European-descent and those who have migrated from nearby cities, islands as far as Mindanao and with a growing community of those who seek cheaper education from nearby foreign shores all contributing to a pillar of the city’s growing economy. Another reason why the city was called City of Smiles is that its people hid their worries, fear and doubt in an economic crisis in the sugar industry in the earlier times and till now they still try their best to put up their smiles and that’s another story how the local MassKara Festival was created with the concept of Happy Bacolodnons in dark times, often the Filipinos of the other island perceive Bacolodnons as people who speak with sweet words.

The city began from a town with Negritos, Negros or aborigines and that’s where the province where Bacolod is located got its name from and slowly and slowly the population began a mix of Malay-descent and the Mestizos later began a majority in the population. Present day Bacolodnons may have a great gap from those of the earlier generations of the Spanish and American era, the Bacolodnon today tries to be in trend despite the fact that it doesn’t have that many high couture stores as Manila and Cebu does and the benefit of the new generation is that they have easier access to education therefore new professionals are created.

Foreigners since then have migrated to Bacolod, Indians have established their own businesses in the city and now have their multiple branches selling home appliances, electronics, watches etc. while the Chinese have also dominated the business arena since then especially in the field of electronics. The Koreans recently have discovered the Philippines not as a tourist destination but as a point of stop to learn English at a very cheap price before they set foot at the Western lands, not only Koreans but other Asians too come for cheap education in the country and if it comes to learning English Bacolod is renowned for its institutions offering those kind of services. The people who have migrated from Mindanao come to Bacolod to seek greener pasture along with them they bring their faith, Islam, such as that a small mosque has been constructed and recently a small Madrasah has opened. Oversease Filipino Workers (OFWs) have come back home with their foreign spouses and had settled down in the city which had slowly contributed to another Mestizo minority.

Bacolodnons love their Mayor and the Governor of the province because of much improvement they had done and investment they had attracted from foreigners that had led to Bacolod as a highly urbanized center. Long before the people had been strong supporters of the former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and all her allies but since she stepped done the people have divided in who they will support. Majority of the province’s representatives are Pro-Life voting against a bill that would dramatically change the country’s healthcare system according to those in favor of it. Just like other Filipinos, Bacolodnons are Christian deep inside and they raise their children with the Christian faith, they might have a conservative side yet they see to it they exercise their liberty correctly. The rich-poor divides are not that talked about in the city, there is a rise in number in those who could afford to stay in subdivisions, buy a decent car and have their own houses yet there is still a problem about illegal settlers in the city, the growing economy had attracted people from nearby towns end up as illegal settlers due to tight budgets.

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